On this page are the beginnings of a "Topfree Herstory" in North America from 1986. Material will be added as time permits. We begin with the case of Evangeline Godron, for which we have a lot of material.

The person creating this chronology has been doing research for more than 30 years. We aim to present the most accurate record possible, even though we cannot include every event. If you have solid documentation for us, we would appreciate knowing!

1998 August 24. Evangeline Godron swims topfree in the Wascana pool (not for the first time) in Regina, Saskatchewan. When asked, she declines to swim with a top on or to leave the pool area. Although there is no regulation against women's topfree swimming in the city or at the pool and no one objects to Godron's being topfree, the pool staff pressures a swimmer into filing a complaint.

The police are called. Godron offers passive resistance. They carry her out of the pool area, twisting her arm, and charge her with one count of mischief and two counts of assault.

1999 June 10. Godron is in Korea, teaching English. At the Provincial Court trial, the judge (a woman) declines to proceed with Godron absent, although many such trials do not require the accused to be present.

1999 June 28. Godron is called back from Korea at considerable personal expense to be present at her trial. At the trial, she is not required to do anything. Provincial Court Judge D. D. Orr (a man) dismisses the assault charges and reserves judgement on the mischief charge.

1999 September 20. Godron is convicted of mischief and fined $200, which she refuses to pay. The media are appalled that she is taken to jail. She is sentenced to 30 days but is released after serving two. Soon after, she appeals her conviction.

2000 May 11. Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench Judge D. C. Hunter (a woman) dismisses Godron's first appeal.

2000 December 12. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal (a panel of three) dismisses Godron's second appeal.

2001 April 05. The Supreme Court of Canada declines to hear Godron's third appeal.


We hope to post soon the written decisions in the trial and the two appeals.

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