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Many sites would carry a warning: NUDITY! Keep away if you're under 18! We don't believe in that. Women's breasts bother no one except those who have unfortunately been trained to be embarrassed by them.

So if you're under 18, go ahead and view our photos. Besides, women who are bare-breasted in public places aren't nude! Are bare-breasted men nude? These women are exercising their right to the same topfreedom as men have had for decades.

Warning: you may encounter images of people wearing clothes!

Below we present photos (and some drawings and paintings) of topfree women (and occasionally men) in portraits and "in action." It is forbidden to reproduce any photograph on this site in any location or in any medium or format without the prior written consent of TERA.

There are more photos in the articles area.

Got a photo you'd like to share? Contact us at the Topfree Equal Rights Association.

Some photos of Linda Meyer of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, probably the most persistent and judicially successful of all North American topfreedom activists.

L: Note the T-shirt, with Linda Meyer's designation of her town Maple Ridge as Nipple Ridge.
The photo on the shirt is of Linda's own breasts!
(photo by Nancy Grønskov, 1998 July 10)

R: Linda Meyer with important Canadian legislation on the wall
(including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms)
and her Canadian flag.


©1998 Institute for First Amendment Studies, Inc.
posted by permission








A photo by Dorothea Lange (1895-1965), dated ca. 1936.

Anything odd going on here?

We have an ad from Spring 2001 but . . . the Canadian and European magazines TERA saw carrying it had the version on the left, and the American magazines had the one on the right.

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Thanks to the brave Gwen Jacob from Guelph, Ontario and the 1996 court ruling in her favour, Yolanda Rudzinski (who lives in southeast Michigan) may enjoy being "topfree at Pelee."

Yolanda 1

Yolanda Rudzinski in Point Pelee National Park (Ontario)
(photo by Matt Rudzinski, 2000 October)

 Here are two more photos of Yolanda:

Yolanda 3 Yolanda 2

Yolanda Rudzinski at John E. Pearce Provincial Park (Ontario)
(photos by Matt Rudzinski, 2000 September)


"How dare anyone limit the purpose or visibility of my breasts!"
(photos by S. Riis)

[see article "My Breasts Reclaimed"]

Introducing Jeannie---of Randy and Jeannie! They run the site Topfreedom USA, where we read the following:

"Topfreedom USA is a political action web site devoted to the notion that topfreedom is a basic civil right that should be afforded to all women, in the same manner as it is currently afforded to all men in this country. Our purpose is to introduce topfreedom to the general public, and ask each of you to genuinely consider the merits of our cause."

Jeannie 2

Jeannie of Topfreedom USA at Point Defiance Park
(We like the name!) Tacoma WA
(photo by Randy, 2001 June)


More photos of Jeannie: at the 2001 Oregon Country Fair, Veneta (near Eugene).




Randy and Jeannie (of Topfreedom USA) at the Oregon Country Fair.
Body painting by Kathleen Taylor.
(All three photos 2001 July 14)


Our leader?
(Liberty Leading the People, by Eugène Delacroix, 1830)

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