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Our NON-DISCLAIMER re photos

Many sites would carry a warning: NUDITY! Keep away if you're under 18! We don't believe in that. Women's breasts bother no one except those who have unfortunately been trained to be embarrassed by them.

So if you're under 18, go ahead and view our photos. Besides, women who are bare-breasted in public places aren't nude! Are bare-breasted men nude? These women are exercising their right to the same topfreedom as men have had for decades.

Warning: you may encounter images of people wearing clothes!

Below we present photos (and some drawings and paintings) of topfree women (and occasionally men) in portraits and "in action." It is forbidden to reproduce any photograph on this site in any location or in any medium or format without the prior written consent of TERA.

There are more photos in the articles area.

Got a photo you'd like to share? Contact us at the Topfree Equal Rights Association.

It's been quite the year for three topfree activists: they've all given birth, and to girls! Our best wishes to all three breastfeeding moms: Julia Goforth, Mary Sunshine, and Whitney McCleskey.
Here's a photo of Whitney's daughter, Victoria Eve, born January 24, 2002.

Terry Smith sent us these photos taken on a dim April 26, 2002 in Derby CT. From a distance, hmm . . . and then the close-up.



Vice-President Julia Goforth sent us this from York beach in Maine!


Four photos from a presentation and discussion on topfreedom on August 12, 2001 near Ithaca, New York. The sizable audience listened attentively.


Julia Goforth, Vice-President of TERA, describes recent topfree expeditions in one province and over a dozen states.


Kayla Sosnow sings/chants her magnificent poem about being arrested, jailed, and eventually acquitted for being topfree in a national forest in Florida. Read it here.


Kayla Sosnow listens to Julia Goforth, who has been topfree in a wide variety of places and situations, usually with her children present.


Claudia Kellersch of Bellevue WA talks about her experience with Linda Meyer at White Rock Beach BC on July 1, 2001.

A day in the park with the kids! Mary Sunshine of Hamilton, Ontario shows us the choice. She has fun both ways with her daughter Turin, who's an old hand at this topfree stuff.

We're sure Opera Hamilton enjoys the free ad (T-shirt on the left).


And now for something completely different: the gals have their shirts off and the guys have theirs on! L. to r.: Mary, her son Dayln, friend Taylor, Mary's daughter Turin, and her partner John (back to the camera).

(above three photos by Paul Rapoport in Hamilton, Ontario, 2001 July 25)

From the Almost No Comment department:


Rather progressive store, don't you think?
(photo by Julia Goforth at a convenience store in Welland, Ontario
Spring 2001)

Evangeline 1

Evangeline Godron with Paul Rapoport
The tank top says:

Florida's Top-Free 10

(photo by Nancy Grønskov, 2001 June 19)


Evangeline 2Evangeline 3

Two more pictures of Evangeline Godron,
and yes, that's a trampoline!
(photos by Paul Rapoport, 2001 June 19)

This is a poster with an image created by Rob Boyte in 1991. It's the basis of the logo of the Topfree Ten in Florida. See the T-shirt above!


We're grateful to Rob Boyte for permission to post this photo.

Below are several topfree activists relaxing for a photo portrait in a park in St. Catharines, Ontario on August 22, 2000. There were lots of children around, and no one paid much attention to these women as they sat at a picnic table or walked around the park. Women's topfreedom was normal, and the choice to wear or to bare was each woman's.

St. Catharines, 00-08-22

L. to r.: Mary Sunshine, Evangeline Godron, Fátima Pereira, Julia Goforth (TERA Vice-President)
(photo by Paul Rapoport, 2000 August 22)


Nice idea.

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